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Guilt, NPR, and the fear of a call from Ira Glass

My friend Michael emailed me this morning with this message:

I read yesterday about major, major cuts to NPR’s staff and budget. I feel like a heel for never having contributed, even though I listen to WBUR every single day.

I listen to NPR everyday, too, and heard Ira Glass do a
hilarious “guilt call” to a person who had never contributed to NPR
like us. He’s talking to the shocked listener, and says in that
high-pitched voice of his, “Don’t make me come after you.” I thought Glass’ bit was
hilarious and effective, though not everyone agrees with me–some worry that this goes beyond guilt into the murky area of shaming non-contributing NPR listeners.

If you so inclined and just need a nudge like me, you can pledge online. All the NPR marketing is working for me, because I realize that I do spend a couple dollars a day for coffee and chai lattes, but I don’t contribute a cent to public radio–which I also find essential to my daily life.

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