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Tilda Swinton’s Five Favorite Films

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And why does Tilda Swinton love Let the Right One In?

Not because it’s a masterful vampire movie (or I should say, not just because it’s a vampire movie). Not just because it’s a feast for the senses (and yes, I realize I’m using the cliche “feast for the senses”). Why does she hold Let the Right One In in such high regard?

Swinton in Orlando, the gender-bending role in which she played a woman for half the film and a man for the other.

“A great film about being truly androgynous.”

Swinton has always been a gendernaut. Her fascinating list of films includes, surprisingly, Bruno, among others. Orlando, an early role, was one of those early anti-establishment movies in which Swinton established her eclectic taste. More recently, in Hollywood flicks like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, she played nice. But one of my favorite things I’ve seen her in is a little indie movie called The Deep End, in which she was the fierce, overprotective mother of a gay kid–a combination psychological thriller and character study. Seen it?

I can’t wait to see Swinton’s new film, I Am Love. Looks lush.

Swinton in Provincetown, June 2010. Loren King writes a revealing profile of Swinton for the Boston Globe.


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