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“Regrets? Oh, I Have a Whole Big Bushel Basketful”

Needles, California. A 64 year-old man sitting on his duffel bag against a wire fence on the side of the road.

Would you stop to talk to him? Drive by, in the comfort of your car, maybe acknowledging a passing curiosity (or worse, judgement)?

Would you film the man, edit it into to a three-minute clip, post it on YouTube for others to experience?

Perhaps the most striking moment in this video from David Lynch’s intriguing Interview Project is when the subject, a white-bearded man named Jess on the side of the highway, says quite plainly, “I ain’t proud of anything except just being alive. I’m an old man; I’ve got gray hairs on my head and I’m six foot tall. So what?” Not just you, Jess, not just you.


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