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McCain: Republican AND Gay Rights Activist?

Not that McCain.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the embattled GOP Senator, spoke to audiences at George Washington University last week. She has never shied away from expressing her opinion, even if it counters her famous father (and coincides with the accepting LGBT position of her equally famous mother, Cindy). She is a proud Republican, and a proud ally to gays and lesbians. The young McCain embodies a synergistic political philosophy that seems to work. Where other gay GOP groups like the Log Cabin Republicans falter when combining conservative ideals with a progressive social agenda, McCain states plainly.

“I am not Ann Coulter. I am not Glenn Beck. I am not trying to be a pundit. I am not trying to have a show on FOX,” McCain said. “My intention is to promote dialogue in this country.”

Perhaps it’s because she speaks to a young, twenty-something audience that McCain’s views seem so progressive. Fundamentalist-type pundits like Coulter and Beck must energize and enable their core audience: an  older, often Christian-identified, group. McCain often speaks to college students, arguing that fiscal conservatism does not necessarily equate with social conservatism.

It’s nice to see that a progressive Republican is not an oxymoron.


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  1. Guy says:

    Thanks for calling attention to the generational shift in attitudes on homo-unions underway. Marriage as a legal right nationally is only a matter of time… On the other hand, about Ms. McCain in particular, count me as a non-fan. Her only claim to fame is her relation to her bomb-bomb-Iran father. That she is the one who uses the term, “progressive Republican” raises red flags for me. What does her progressiveness consist of? She’s anti-choice. She’s pro-war (including “containing Iraq” — itself ridiculous in the wake of the Iraq war lie). She’s an NRA member. She’s against national health-care. She thinks the free market is The Way. She hates the stimulus, i.e., life-support for the working classes in the present economic environment. She’s only theoretically for the weakest and most ineffective of responses to climate change (cap-and-trade). But because she’s not a homophobe, a radical neo-con or an anal old white person in a suit, and doesn’t mind showing a little cleavage online, she thinks she can lay claim to the label of “progressive.” Palease Harold.

    She’s also, Columbia credentials aside, just not bright (or mature) enough to be anointed a pundit by the media. That she has been speaks more to the paucity of talent on the right and the success of her opportunistic coat-tailing than to her own talents. I still haven’t seen an impressive interview with her. And then there are exchanges like this:

    MCCAIN: The Obama administration has to stop completely blaming everything on its predecessor. I’m sick of hearing well we were handed this. I know, I know. Everybody knows. But we need to move on.

    MAHER: You think that’s what Obama’s doing?

    MCCAIN: I do, to a degree.

    BEGALA: Well, not to enough of a degree. Not nearly enough. Ronald Reagan blamed Jimmy Carter every day for 8 years.

    MCCAIN: You know, I wasn’t born yet, so I don’t know.

    BEGALA: I wasn’t born during the French Revolutino, but I know about it.

    MCCAIN: You clear know everything, and I’m just a blonde.

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