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What are the rules of your interracial posse?

I’ve never seen this routine from Chris Rock, who I like an awful lot. He’s got the raunchy fearlessness of Eddie Murphy and Lenny Bruce, and the sharp cultural critiques of Dave Chappelle (whose “Racial Draft” (below) is one of my all-time favorites).

I like Rock so much because here he acknowledges our post-racial world. All his black friends have a bunch of white friends. And all his white friends have…

Exactly one black friend.

Rock recently interviewed African American women for a documentary called Good Hair (which he discussed with Oprah last September), and stirred–ahem–strong emotions from both black and white women. African American women felt almost betrayed by Rock, who showed the lengths black women go to to straighten, perm, and add extensions to their hair. It was a great dialogue in which women of many races conversed openly and honestly.

Perhaps most surprisingly, Rock asks the audience: “Can white people say ‘nigger’?

Check out Rock’s advice, then contrast with Dave Chappelle’s sketch on interracial perceptions that caricatures Tiger Woods, among others, below.


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