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Palin: God Cheated on Hand, Too

“I’m like, ok, I’m in good company.”

She’s found more justification. Sarah Palin’s latest defense of her note-scribbling palm is that God, too, engraved words of wisdom in his palm. Her excuses–this time in the form of the almighty himself–is the latest example of Palin’s extreme personality. Is it necessary for her to go to such lengths to justify herself? Why does the former VP candidate continue to draw attention to this idiotic behavior, instead of just letting it go? And why do we (I include myself, and this blog post, as evidence) continue to give Sarah Palin such attention?

At times, Palin is too an easy target. (She’d probably agree with this herself: except that her targetting is only from the “liberal media.”) However, if you choose to be a public figure, if you choose to deliver multiple speeches and media appearances each day, you have agreed to allow the public into your life. Sarah Palin knows this. So her criticism of undue attention on her character flaws is simply a smoke-and-mirrors act. Calling attention to her empty populism, poor memory, or illogical thinking (think of the disastrous Katie Couric interview) are only to be expected.

Russia is Alaska’s “next-door neighbor”? “right there, right next to our state”?

What’s particularly troubling about Palin is the sense that she is above criticism–her talking points and mannerisms betray a state of defensiveness or denial. In the debacle where she accused Rahm Emmanuel of bigotry but gave Rush Limbaugh a free pass, this knee-jerk, cover-up modus operandi revealed Palin’s inability to acknowledge contradictory positions. How can she accuse Emmanuel of malice while Limbaugh engages in satire?

It’s hard to imagine Palin as Vice President–or, more horrendously–as a Presidential candidate in 2012. As is obvious, however, she has an easily-blinded, sizable base. Palin’s default mode of nasty defensiveness and figner-pointing is undeniably appealing to many.


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