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Not-So-Subtle Homophobia on NBC

It was great to learn a while back that the gays’ best friend, Kathy Griffin, would make a guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU, one of the most highly-ranked series on network TV. Griffin has been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights, in addition to just being wicked funny.

Equally surprising to learn, then, that the scene in which Griffin’s character crushes on a woman was edited to exclude an already filmed same-sex kiss. Harkens back to just a few years ago when there was a big brouhaha on Will & Grace over two male characters smooching.

Come on, people, this is 2010. Does a same-sex kiss on television equate with the beginning of the end? Is this sight doomsday for impressionable children (rather than an ordinary, healthy occurence)? Placed beside the number of male-female kisses flashed before us every day, would one lesbian kiss bring down NBC’s viewership to zilch?

Or is NBC–and other networks that censor out musician Adam Lambert and the myriad of representations of homosexuality–merely looking at the bottom line: loss of advertisers’ dollars?


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