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Kangamouse: An found object, a short story, a good cause

The Object: a pink (or is it just a faded red?) toy mouse found on a beach in Brooklyn.

The Story: sprung from the imagination of Chris Adrian, a wisp of a story about two brothers, their absent father in Vietnam, and the worship of objects:

“What are you doing?” George asked, and our argument began.  We quarreled subtly, at first—we still shared the mouse, but prayed differently to it—and then more obviously, stealing Him back and forth, and performing secret worship in the closet or the basement or the pool shed.

The Cause: proceeds from the auction of Kangamouse benefit 826 National, a network of community-based writing centers for underpriviliged kids. Good stuff: read the fiction, marvel at the beauty of the object, put in a bid.


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