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Herbert’s Reverent NYT Tribute to Howard Zinn

Matt Damon and Howard Zinn at the NYU premiere of "The People Speak."

…is here. Entitled “A Radical Treasure,” Herbert writes of Zinn’s legacy and impact on American history and culture. Read it, if only for zingers like this one, acknowledging the paltry attention from mainstream media about Zinn:

Our tendency is to give these true American heroes short shrift, just as we gave Howard Zinn short shrift. In the nitwit era that we’re living through now, it’s fashionable, for example, to bad-mouth labor unions and feminists even as workers throughout the land are treated like so much trash and the culture is so riddled with sexism that most people don’t even notice it. (There’s a restaurant chain called “Hooters,” for crying out loud.)

Howard Zinn was fearless in disavowing American heroes such as Andrew Jackson, a “slaveholder, land speculator, executioner of dissident soldiers, exterminator of Indians.” He was unafraid to challenge what Giroux has aptly theorized about our nation’s master narratives. Zinn was a champion of the oppressed; a war-machine agitator and peace activist; a resolute, unabashed radical–in the best sense of the word.

I’m excited to view the documentary that Zinn recently collaborated on, The People Speak, with narration by Hollywood heavy-hitters like Matt Damon and Benjamin Bratt. Below, a clip from BUTV (full disclosure: I’m a BU grad, and former president of BUTV) about Zinn’s premiere of The People Speak at Boston University.

I believe Zinn would have appreciated this student journalist’s interview/article about Zinn and the latest incarnation of his life work:


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  1. […] Like me, Knight was “profoundly changed” after reading Zinn’s landmark A People’s History of the United States for the first time (why didn’t anyone teach us this book in Council Bluffs, Iowa?). […]

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