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Heath Ledger & Modest Mouse: Recipe for Delight

Exemplars in their respective fields of indie rock and indie film, Modest Mouse and the late Heath Ledger teamed up to produce this music video for “King Rat” before Ledger died last spring. The video is a delight: animated sequences reveal whales and dolphins fishing for humans, and portholes suddenly emerging with a big, bad eye staring out at you.

I remember when my nephew Witt, first introduced me to Modest Mouse. We were sitting around his living room in Northeast Minneapolis, shooting the shit about new bands we liked, and he put “So Much Beauty in Dirt” on the stereo. The abstruse, repetitive lyrics reminded me of Pavement. The lilting melodies more like The Eels. Good stuff.

Vanity Fair recently published a great article on Heath Ledger’s last days if you haven’t read it already.


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2 Responses

  1. drew says:

    get real drunk, ride our bikes

  2. […] Heath Ledger & Modest Mouse: Recipe for Delight […]

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