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Mos Def Raps in Tokyo, Bottled Water in Tow

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I was planning to blog about my outrage to the Obama administration’s defense of DOMA, but there are many more hours to tackle this ridiculousness and many more ways to respond to how President Obama gets it all wrong. Instead, I’m gonna post this fantastic video I found that was put out a couple months ago but is news to me.

So. Mos Def.

There’s many reasons why I like this clip of “Auditorium.” I love the style in the video, very hand-held, very DIY: the slow build-up in the introduction with the unknowing participation of Japanese elevator riders, the non-chalance of Mos Def himself as he begins his rap and walks the streets of this public space that is quintessential Tokyoesque, and the lyrics themselves, hinting at the universality of the ghetto. “Suckers tryin’ to hide, like the struggle won’t find ’em.”

Mos Def is the man: musician, actor, activist.


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