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Indelicato & Ditto: Beat Bullying

In the midst of the Michael Jackson omni-media blitz, a couple videos by child actor Marc Indelicato and musician Beth Ditto that encourage kids to stop bullying. Also speaks directly to those bullied: fat kids, gay kids, freaks and outsiders. A sweet group of videos with a simple, clear purpose: you may be different, but you are not alone. Michael would have liked the message.

It seems silly to point out, but the Internet makes you realize that the resources available to schoolkids are boundless (in contrast to when I was growing up and the few boxy Apple computers in the Abraham Lincoln High School journalism classroom impressed us to no end).

What a great way to connect kids who may feel isolated in their own schools or communities with others.

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Michael Jackson in his own words


There will undoubtedly be many, many tributes to Michael Jackson today after his untimely death at age 50. Here’s a video compilation of interviews from CNN.

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The Govt vs The People: Two Views in Iran, Part II

Here’s the video of the Iranian student who called into CNN’s “American Morning” to provide a ground picture of the protests. Contrast with the official government TV picture of the climate.

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The Govt vs The People: Two Views on Iran

A study in contrasts: CNN provides two clips with very different views on Iran.

In the first clip, a student identified as Mohammed (to protect his identity) pleads for intervention from the President Obama and the international community. In the second clip, the government-run Press TV depicts calm streets in Tehran and shopowners open for business.

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Citizen Aid, Underground Railroads in Iran

As we know, the foreign media has been banned from covering post-election unrest in Iran and citizen journalism has filled the void. I thought this YouTube video provided a ground-level picture of aid to protesters. The accompanying information reads:

Tehran, Iran 7 Tir Sq on the 22nd of June. People helping a injured – When the hospitals are taken over by Basij and Police you find other ways to help injured – First Aid “Iranian style”. They are burning paper to then put the ashes on wounds to prevent infection.

Stay Strong, Brave Iranians


CNN broadcast an incredibly moving interview with Melody Moezzi, an Iranian-American author, who provides an overview of the brutal actions of the Basij, the abandonment of politics, and the development of safe havens/underground railroads. Despite political views, Moezzi says, “We’re all in the opposition at this point, because we’re opposed to murder.”

She emphasizes the fear and the hope of friends and relatives in Iran. About the murder of Neda on Saturday (Neda means “the voice” or “the call” in Farsi) , Moezzi asks: “How do you say to a woman who’s dying, ‘Do not be afraid’? Because she’s a martyr.”

Here’s the clip:

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