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Outrageousness from Ann Coulter, “Conservative Queen”

It pains me a bit to post this video of Ann Coulter–to give her any amount of server space or publicity–but I believe in listening to others before I am totally appalled by them. How can we disregard someone if we haven’t heard them in the first place?

In this interview with Donny Deutsch on his show Big Ideas, Coulter sputters the outrageous comment that Christians want Jews “to be perfected”.

Excuse me? She wants “to perfect” Jews?

Deutsch is rightly aghast. In Coulter’s barrage of nonsensical statements (she tells him he’s not a practicing Jew; in her perfect world, he could remain a non-practicing Jew and become a practicing Christian), she does not stop to consider that Deutsch would politely ask her to pause and actually explain her comments. I’m amazed that this woman does not get kicked off appearances more often, considering how inflammatory she performs.

Side note: This is one of the good–and bad–things about YouTube, no? The ability to view so many archives and related videos. I began watching a segment featuring Coulter arguing with the women on The View, and then–like a car crash–could not get myself to look away from all the wreckage alongside.


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2 Responses

  1. coffee says:

    whatever happened to Ann Coulter? she seems to make a fewer public appearances nowadays

  2. Clementine says:

    I love Ann Coulter. She says things that people are to afraid to say themselves. Not only are her remarks funny, but they are RIGHT!
    She is an amazing woman, and I have great respect for her!

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