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Job hunting? How about $100k to tend a tropical island?


I’m a sucker for contests, always have been and always will be. In the second grade, I won a jar of M&M’s because I guessed the right quantity. In the fourth grade, I drew a picture of a zoo and won a year’s admission to Omaha’s  Henry Doorly Zoo (I think I would have too many moral objections to the caging of animals now). Last year, I entered a 50/50 raffle in my football league and won a free ticket to the Fenway Men’s Event and had a blast with friends and high-profile folks like Senator Ted Kennedy (not that we were rubbing elbows, but I did have a good view of him from my table sixty feet away).

So a contest to find the best person to tend a tropical island in Queensland, Australia? To blog, take pictures, and explore unexplored territory? Isn’t this what I already do–except buried in ten inches of New England snow?

Here’s where you can find more details (though their server seems to be inundated). Oh, did I mention there’s a $100,000 salary to boot?


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