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Carpetbagger interviews Sean Penn

carrmilk_seanpennJust caught a video of the NYT’s arts columnist David Carr interviewing Sean Penn. I like Carr, aka “The Carpetbagger”–he’s somewhat cranky, approachable yet smart, and an all-around good guy. When I’m watching the videos that he produces for the Times, he always seems to be amazed that he gets to interview movie stars and write about film for a living.

In his video from the New York Film Critics’ awards, he interviews Penn about his buzzworthy performance in Milk. I’m not shy to post again about Gus Van Sant’s fantastic–and important–film about Harvey Milk, the man who stood up for civil rights in San Francisco, before he was assasinated by a jealous colleague. My guess is that Sean Penn will score an Oscar nomination, but fall short of winning the actual Best Actor award because of Hollywood’s (or the general public’s?) fear of recognizing the contributions of gay men and women.

Or maybe I’m just seeing the glass as half full. Oscar nominations come out on Thursday, January 22.

And for God’s sake, if you haven’t seen Milk yet, what are you waiting for?


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