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What would Hendrix do (or score)?


Apparently, I’m only 72% experienced. Just took The Life Experience Test this morning between grading of writing portfolios. Some of my observations about the questions:

  • quite a bit of machismo abounds–bonus points, for example, if you’ve ever been in a fight;
  • to my pleasant surprise, the questions lacked homophobia (“Have you ever slept with a guy?” “Worn the clothing of the opposite sex?”), and indeed you had more life experience points if you had
  • the target audience is definitely middle-class bourgeois folks like me, with questions such as “Ever had a personal trainer?” and “Been to a symphony?”

I cracked up when I noticed that on one page of my results, I answered yes to pretty much everything except “Played beer pong” and “Flown first class”. I was never a good test taker, ask my high school Calculus and Chem teachers.


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