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Goodbye, old friend


I’m taking a break from posting about social concerns today because my roommate had to put his dog, Guinness, to sleep last night. That’s her with a catheter in her arm in the photo above (those eyes! even to the very end, though dogs can’t communicate verbally, she was letting me and Ashish know it was alright with those sad eyes).

Guinness was a loyal, oftentimes rambunctious (I say this only half-jokingly), and loving dog. After a few pints of (what else?) Guinness in her honor, I wrote a quick poem–yes, I do write poetry, though only about once a year–also in her honor.

Goodbye, old friend.


You get three options for
your dog when
it's time.

A ceremony, sandal
wood candle, five
hundred. The

funeral: friends,
Handel and cremains.

thousand. Her disposal--
just like Coetzee's Dis-

nothing, fifty bucks. No
one should profit, really, but
I'm not

naive. I know you're not
supposed to write about
dogs, just

like you're not supposed
to choose.

- Ricco Villanueva Siasoco, 12.12.08

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One Response

  1. Colleen says:

    I just want to express my heartfelt sympathies for your roommate and for Guinness. It’s hard to find the right words of comfort. Your poem is eloquent. Guinness’ spirit will live on.

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