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Hey kids, want $50? Study hard and earn an “A”

One of the great lines in this interview of Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer by smart (smart-ass?) comedy guru Stephen Colbert: “What is wrong with the older generation’s way of doing things, where they paid kids to do well in school…by not opening an unholy can of whoop ass”

Fryer’s controversial, innovative theories are controversial and direct: Blacks are the worst performing population in the U.S. public education system.

Colbert wonders aloud (half-jokingly) if these comments by Fryer, a professor of economics at Harvard, are racist. Fryer–an African American man–says that his comments are fact and reality, not racism. “The achievement gap in this country is our biggest civil rights concern.” I tend to agree with Fryer; if not our biggest, then right up there with equal marriage rights for all and closing the gap between the very rich in our nation and the very poor.

Colbert’s other great quip: “If this works, look for Secretary of Education Alex Trebek.”


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