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Business, politics, and all-you-can-eat buffets

081126_tbm_fattnHere’s a couple interesting articles about businesses that may suffer in this recession (yep, it’s official). What kinds of boutique businesses suffer first? How about restaurants and retail clothing?

Slate published this article about the rebirth of the all-you-can-eat buffet, citing its cost-effectiveness for restauranteurs.

There are other tricks of the all-you-can-eat trade. The stuff-yourself-silly item is usually a cheap, water- or starch-based commodity like soup or pancakes. For instance, Orlando-based Darden Restaurants’ Olive Garden brand ran an “endless pasta bowl” promotion this fall, and it offers an ongoing all-you-can-eat lunch option that includes soup, salad, and breadsticks. It’s worth noting that Olive Garden out-earned most of its casual-dining peers in the third quarter; its same-store sales rose by 2.4 percent.

My friend Jon was telling me at lunch today about his hipster socks, purchased at Urban Outfitters. Lamentably, I had to text him about Urban Outfitters’ CEO Richard Hayne’s support for right-wing conservatives including former Republican Senator Rick Santorum, who famously remarked that support for gays and lesbians is like endorsing pedophilia or bestiality. This article profiling Urban Outfitters is not new, but definitely eye-opening. How can a business that trades in a liberal, free-loving youth culture contribute to such terrible causes?

If you’re a person like me who has come to put their money where their mouth is, Urban Outfitters, Domino’s and Dunkin’ Donuts receive little of my hard-earned dollars. Supporting ethical companies is one way that individuals can make a difference.


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  1. I heard a guy call KFAB’s (Omaha, NE) Tom Bekka show Wednesday afternoon and equate homosexuality to pedophilia in that they were both mental disorders. Before I could punch the steering wheel (which in retrospect would have deployed the airbag), Tom took the old caller to task and at one point asked what planet he was from.

  2. That’s insane. I’m all for respecting–and understanding–other people’s beliefs, but homosexuality and pedophilia? I thought we’d gotten over that a decade ago…

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