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Where is Our Anger?

Gay actor, playwright, and activist Harvey Fierstein echoes the eloquence and outrage of his colleagues Tony Kushner and Larry Kramer in this articulate call to arms for gay rights.

As we watch the effects of legalized discrimination unfold in California (not to mention other states that also banned gay marriage like Arizona and Florida), Fierstein urges all of us–gay or straight–to stop sitting idly by and watching our civil rights erode.

His clarion call is not only for all citizens to speak up, but to call out legislators who walk both sides of the fence on the issue of gay rights. He calls out John Kerry (who said he would support a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage) and Bill Clinton (who signed into law the federal DOMA act and also enacted the military’s disastrous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies), arguing that these important men and supposed GLBT advocates should have spoken out against Proposition 8. “Hey, we’ve had gay rights in Massachusetts for months and no one’s getting hurt. No one’s getting special rights. No heterosexual marriage is suffering,” Fierstein says, “So let’s stop the panic and act like rational adults.”

Watch and act.


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  1. […] the rest of the 46 states, no “choice” for marriage is offered. And in her home state of California, marriage for same-sex couples is illegal. Possibly related […]

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