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“Senator Biden is now my homeboy”

There’s been a lot of hateful rhetoric going on in the Presidential campaign, but also a lot of hilarious skewers. You’ve probably seen Tina Fey or Gina Gershon doing parodies of Sarah Palin (which is not difficult to do); the levity provides a great counterpoint to all the negative attacks of McCain and gravitas of Obama. For an incisive analysis of the campaign, Cornel West provides a strong, intellectual interview on CNN.

Perhaps the funniest–albeit unintentionally funny–videos I’ve seen is this interview by fifth grader Damon Weaver of Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden in Palm Beach. Weaver is a smart, ambitious little guy in a polo shirt and tie and takes his job seriously, even getting tips from a local newscaster. But my favorite moment may be the young reporter’s summation, after listening to one of Biden’s long-winded answers to his question, that “Senator Biden is now my homeboy.”


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