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Early voting at your local supermarket

Interesting article about the success of early voting across the country (a non-partisan feature from a decidedly liberal paper like The New York Times). Can’t beat the images of a row of voting machines opposite a room of slot machines in Vegas, or the anecdote about busloads in Cleveland stopping in to a voting place to do their civic duty before rounding out the day with a fried chicken dinner.

The Times’ video feature that accompanies the article interviews a half dozen early voters from Denver, and many voters–both Republicans and Dems–support my own candidate, Barack Obama. Check out the slideshow of early voting booths.

And if you didn’t catch it last night, here’s a link to the half-hour documentary about Obama’s policies that aired last night on pretty much every channel on the dial. I watched it this morning on YouTube, and was struck by its appeal to working-class voters. I’m a cynic at heart, but got a little teary-eyed–yes, I admit it–at several points listening to Obama’s words and intent (not to mention a little bit of manipulation by the soundtrack, but that’s okay).

When you’re barraged by the campaign slogan of “Change We Can Believe In” a dozen times each day, even staunch supporters like me think the words become a little lifeless. But listening to Obama himself, addressing huge crowds on the campaign trail (here he is yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina), his sincerity manages to bring the message of “change” and “hope” back to life.


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