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Paying the dues for Club Gay

The cover gracing the Oct. 21 issue of The Advocate

The cover gracing the Oct. 21 issue of The Advocate

This is likely one of the most inane articles I’ve recently read. The basic premise asks: Do gay men have identifiable spending habits?

In the opening anecdote, John Cloud relates a scene of hand-washing his designer jeans on the beach in Fire Island. Beachcombers are walking by aghast! Can you believe I was trying to make a $145 pair of jeans look like they were more than $300? The wild and crazy things a (poor) writer must do!

Problem is: the designer jeans anecdote comes off as privileged instead of ironic.

The Advocate‘s editors seem to head off criticism by including an apology before the article even gets going: we all have different spending habits, what I consider necessary you consider extravagant, blah blah blah. This seems like a cop out; if you’re going to run an article with such a shallow theme, take ownership of it. Don’t try to claim impartiality with a disclaimer that’s equivalent to “The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily the publisher.”

Hmm. I’m a gay man who buys his jeans at a local thrift store. What does this say about me?


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