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More reasons to be depressed by Sarah Palin

If you haven’t already seen this viral video, take a peek.

Katie Couric poses the same question to Vice Presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin: “Are there Supreme Court cases that you disagree with?”

What’s most depressing–and I use the word “depressing” rather than “pathetic” or “inane,” though both of these adjectives also apply to Palin as a VP candidate–what seems most depressing about this clip is that Palin not only can’t name a single Supreme Court decision, but that she skirts the question somewhat successfully (at least this is what my roommate thinks).

And I love the funny sound Palin makes after being asked the question by Katie Couric: “Mmm.” Like she’s smugly satisfied instead of just baffled.

We’ve all got our eyes on the VP debate tonight, of course, and I fear that Palin will be lauded by those Americans who see Joe Biden as an elite snob and Sarah Palin as a proud anti-intellectual. What’s wrong with being smart? Why do so many Americans resist curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge?


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