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That’s what friends are for

So I’m sick at home (I just woke up from 14 hours of sleep) and watching lots of television and reading lots of blogs. On The View this morning–yes, I was watching The View–there was an interesting coffee clatch about Sarah Palin. The great point made was that we’re not voting for the Vice President. It’s an Obama/McCain race, isn’t it? When did it become an Obama/Palin race?

The best thing I’ve found from the blogs about Palin was this Good Morning America segment in which her four of her closest friends were interviewed. Three of them wouldn’t commit to voting for her. They disagreed with her pro-life views and her refusal to put polar bears on the endangered species list while she was governor. I’ve gotta say I’m not a Palin fan.

On the flip side, hearing Barack Obama speak to a group of high school teachers in Virginia this morning, I was again invigorated by Obama’s intelligence and candor. Here’s a clip of him talking about his education policies, how he’s enacted legislation for more charter schools and early childhood education, as well as contrasting his education policies with those of McCain…which are practically non-existent.


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