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Last day in Ejisu; Futbol in Accra

The service group rode a bus from Ejisu, where we ended our computer camp for 4-6 graders, to the capital of Ghana, Accra, yesterday. I’m in an Internet Cafe with my friend J.T. and we’re here in the capital for a day or two while I go through the bureaucracy of getting a visa to Togo. I’m such a slacker and should have taken care of this visa stuff before I left the States, but as a Ghanian might say, “Such is Life,” and shrug their shoulders.

The BC students boarded a plane this morning at 5:00 a.m. Sad morning. Our last reflection last night was centered more on what we learned from the children of Ejisu rather than the ways that we as Westerners helped. Nice to hear such maturity from all the crew: Jodi-Ann, Pat, Itunu, Mark, Geraldine (not Genevieve!), Jessica, Sandy, Lindsey, Steffany, Kaysha, Chen Chen and Ben. Kudos and eternal Medasi’s to Kwasi and Kwame, our Ghanian hosts, who are forever humble and gracious.

Futbol (not football) is huge here, and we’re hoping to get tickets to a game. Reminds me of a modern day-version of Hemingway and his narrator’s exploits as a young ex-pat in The Sun Also Rises, during the first part when he and his friends attempt to experience Spain through a bullfight. Futbol may be the closest thing to a true cultural experience in 2008 Ghana, the crowds, the energy, the coming together. Or maybe I’m just romaticizing it.

JT wants us to travel up north to Togo to visit several old slave fortresses and maybe even an excursion to Benin or Burkina Faso. Travel is so lengthy here–it can take a day just to travel a few hours, and the roads are dusty and cramped with people’s belongings (live chickens, packaged goods, etc) that getting anywhere really wears you out.

More posts to come.


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  1. Buenas ! seria mucha molestia brindar un poco mas de info sobre este tema ??? esta muy bueno el blog, un saludo y arriba el futbol !

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