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An Asante ritual for young women

So I’m in Kumasi at an Internet Cafe where I paid 80 pesewas (about .80 cents) to connect to the Internet for an hour. I’m trying not to do “official” work, but I guess it’s inevitable. Also taking a couple minutes to jot down a brief impression of Ghana so far.

Today was a meeting the Queen of Onwe village. One of my students in the adult computer class that I teach is royalty of the Asante tribe. He brought me via tro tro to his village, about a 15-minute walk and a 15-minute tro tro ride from our classroom. His grandmother is the queen of the village, and spoke to us in Twe, the language of the Asante people, and my student translated. An interesting ritual was also explained, about the coming of age ritual of a young girl in which she is sheltered for three months, brought to the river to bathe, and then literally courted by all the young men in the village. Will post images and more thoughts later…


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  1. Tena Nelson says:

    Hey Ricco!

    I found your blog when I was catching up with Frank Barrett. What an incredible experience you’re having! I’m sending my love and thoughts to you across the ocean. I can’t wait to read more about your trip. When you get home, let’s reconnect, OK?

    Safe travel…

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