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A quirky little film called “Spinnin'”

Caught this quirky (I hate this word, but here the adjective is definitely suitable) little film called Spinnin‘ at the MFA yesterday. It’s a film about having kids, or deciding whether or not to have kids, and how we raise those kids, and how much love we give our kids, and what’s the effect on kids when their parents can’t get it right. The line that I remember from the film is: “Love is a double-edge sword. The wounds keep us alive.” (Or something to that effect.)

The main couple is a futbol fanatic and a lawyer, but even more charming than their relationship is the gleeful approach of the filmmaker. There’s such an obvious joy in his approach, with people–both characters and people off the street–literally spinning in circles or sharing kisses. The filmmaker even has a countdown of on-screen kisses: 101. Between lovers both gay and straight, children and parents, strangers, cops, families. How rare it is to see people showing genuine affection toward one another. Reminded me of this website I came across put together by Miranda July with an assignment to photograph your parents kissing

Something about the Spanish and their approach to life. Serendipitous how many times the Spanish have come into my life of late. Time to visit?

Plus, the sacchirine-sweet soundtrack of Spinnin‘ is by Her Space Holiday.



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