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A singing, melodic bass player? Yes, please

I read about Nat Baldwin in this week’s Phoenix. What interested me initially was the fact that he played the bass and sang. Who sings and plays the bass? Classical musician and vocalist? What the–?

Added bonus was the comparison to Grizzly Bear, this fantastic band that has a hypnotic, dream-like sound. Recorded by the same label as Grizzly Bear. Here’s the article by Camille Dodero in the Phoenix after you’ve watched the YouTube video

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Ghana & BC: What’s the Connection?

And as many of you know, I’m headed to Ghana this summer with Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, a friend and colleague at B.C. He passed along this video of the trip to Ghana last year, as a preview.

If you feel moved by the video (I certainly was, and motivates me even more to learn about Ghanian culture), consider making a donation to our trip. We have to raise $50k for about a dozen BC undergrads and faculty to go.

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Automechanic & Artist

I’m on an erratic sleep schedule these days. Five hours last night, teaching all day, a two-hour nap and now I’m wide awake. Reminds me of that Conor Oberst album, “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning.” Except it’s 10:30 at night.

An amazing YouTube video that came to my attention. This video (no dialogue, just the artist’s singing and images) is of an Iranian American man named Mahmood Rezaei-Kamalabad, who I’d heard of before but was recognized in the Phoenix Best of last week. Not only because he’s an automechanic, but because his art and beliefs are integrated into every part of his life.

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Asian American activism

As a teacher, you can become jaded easily. I was doubtful about this when I first started teaching seven years ago, but I’ve witnessed it first-hand: myself and my colleagues recycling syllabi, procrastinating in grading, not taking time to talk–to really get to know–students. One way that I’ve tried to combat this in myself is to offer courses that I feel passionate about. Perhaps my favorite course that I’ve taught at B.C. is a course that I developed entitled “The Filipino American Experience.”

Now, it’s fantastic to see my students take the lead and to actively voice their support for more ethnic studies courses. Next Tuesday, they’ve organized a rally for more ethnic studies courses on campus–the fact is that Asian Americans are the highest proportion of AHANA students on campus. To BC’s credit, there will be nearly 30 courses offered during the fall semester in African and African Diaspora Studies, and a dozen courses in Irish Studies. Asian American Studies? A whopping 3 courses next year (this is down from 5 courses this year). “The Filipino American Experience”–a course with full registration each semester–was one of those course

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